A Spooktacular Halloween Read

If there’s one made-up holiday I absolutely love… it’s Halloween! Ghouls and goblins, monsters and mummies, trick and treating, I love it all.

The Twincesses are also big fans, so when we received a spooktacular book from the good folks at Pan Macmillan, we thought it devilishly appropriate to review it this Halloween month.

With the title: “There’s a Spider in this Book” and written by Claire Freedman with illustrations by Mike Byrne, we couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

Quite frankly, it’s one of the coolest books we’ve read. It all starts with a fearful little spider named Eric, who is horribly misunderstood. You see, Eric doesn’t want to be scary and feared… in fact, he spends his time telling us just how unfair our spidery assumptions are!

Eric just wants Grandma to stop screaming each time she sees him, and Fluffy the cat to stop chasing him all over the house. He lets us know he’d make a pretty great pet-if given the chance. It’s not his fault we think he’s scary!

The book is somewhat interactive, in that the readers have to call out (read ‘shout’) for Eric to come out of hiding and even go as far as shaking the book to try and get him out of his hiding spot!

My girls are enthralled with this book! It’s the number one story request at the moment and is perfect to open deeper conversations with toddlers around misconceptions and how to treat animals.

It’s actually made me think twice about swatting a Spider! #nojokes

It’s a perfect Halloween read and has got the girls right in the mood for their school dress-up in two weeks.

Avalon wants to be Pirate and Harper wants to go as a Witch. It does change daily, so we’ll see.

There’s a Spider in this Book comes highly Twincess Approved and can be found at all major bookshops in S.A.

Thank you Pan Macmillan for the spooky treat!

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