Peppa Pig Live in SA

A superstar visited Durban this weekend! She’s pink, she talks in a proper English accent and she just loves jumping in muddy puddles. Yes, Peppa Pig had set her sights on SA’s sunniest city and the Twincesses could not have been more excited!

We went to not one, but two live performances at the Playhouse theatre. We had purchased tickets months ago, but then won a set of family tickets at the last minute.

I deliberated going twice, and even called a few friends to see if they wanted the tickets; but if you remember this post, you’ll know how completely obsessed the girls are with Peppa Pig. And what’s more, the winning tickets included a VIP Meet and Greet with Peppa and her piggy family after the show!

The performance itself was amazing! A fully immersive, interactive show that had the kids jumping, clapping and laughing along. The shows lovely facilitator, Anna was engaging and enthusiastic, and ensured the kids were involved throughout.

There were loads of Peppa’s favorite songs, including the ‘world-famous’ Bing Bong song…which everyone sang along to (parents alike). Madame Gazelle would have been so proud!

Mummy Pig taught the children important lessons about wearing sunscreen and only swimming when a grown up was there to supervise. While Daddy Pig made everyone laugh by reading the map upside down. George had lost Mr Dinosaur at the start of the show, and the entire plot centered around finding George’s favorite toy while taking us on a trip through the forest, the beach and the mountains.

The stage designs were lovely and bright, and the children were excited to see a few of Peppa’s well-know friends as well, like Suzy Sheep, Pedro Pony and Danny Dog.

The show had everyone on their feet at the end, singing and clapping along! I must admit, it was thoroughly enjoyable, and had every child enthralled from start to finish!

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