Planning the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt for Toddler

I love the idea of Easter Egg Hunts! Kids and adults alike getting stuck in the fun of finding eggs carefully hidden around the house… what’s not to love?!

We planned our first Easter Egg Hunt for the Twincesses this year as we felt they were finally old enough to enjoy it (they recently turned three).

But there were some things we had to keep in mind when setting up the Hunt to ensure it wasn’t too difficult for them to find the eggs, and that it was exciting enough to keep them invested.

Here are 7 tips to ensure you play the perfect Easter Egg Hunt for your littles:

1. Keep the clues age appropriate

Use bright colored paper, avoid maps for very small kids and ensure worded clues are easy to decode. Visual clues work best for toddlers so use drawings, or in our case, actual photos of the locations around the house which I printed in advance.

2. Keep it fair

If you have an only child, this one doesn’t apply, but if your Hunt is catering for more than 1 child, keep it fair by placing color coded stickers on the eggs before hiding them. Assign a color to each child before the hung begins and they should only collect the eggs that corresponds to their color.

3. Use visual aids

We used bunny footprints to lead the way to the locations where the eggs were hidden. Bright arrows or hot/cold signs also make the game more fun.

4. Hide eggs inside AND outside (weather permitting)

We started our hunt indoors and progressed to our garden. The girls loved searching their room and the bedrooms before going outside to look for more eggs. The change of setting also adds some fun and mixes it up a bit.

5. Avoid hard to reach/ dangerous locations

Keep it safe and relatively simple by hiding eggs in spots that are easy to reach and accessible to your toddler. Never hide eggs on top of shelves or cupboards. Avoid the kitchen and bathroom if possible.

6. Go along for the ride

Do it together! Get some air, and enjoy the family time. Not only are you supervising your toddler but you’re making memories that will last a lifetime.

7. Don’t forget the baskets!

You can plan the perfect hunt, but your photos won’t be Insta worthy if they’re collecting their eggs in grocery bags! Buy or make a lovely Easter bag before the hunt to ensure the kids have something to collect their stash!

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3 thoughts on “Planning the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt for Toddler”

  1. Thanks for the awesome tips! Now to make it happen today so she can hunt for them
    Tomorrow after church ! Mommy has her work cut out 😆

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