Fun Day at Flag Animal Farm

Flag animal farm is located in the Dolphin Coast less than an hour from central Durban.  I cannot fully convey just how much the Twincesses love the farm!

But let me start by saying this: This is NOT A ZOO. I find zoos reprehensible, so I absolutely LOVE the fact that more than 80% of the animals at Flag Animal Farm have been rescued from cruel fates and are provided with a safe, loving home. In fact the farm has saved close to 11000 lives since they opened 13 years ago.

Flag Animal Farm offers a fun day out for the whole family. There are playgrounds and jumping castles, indoor soft play for the littles, tractor and pony rides, educational shows and exhibits and braai and picnic facilities. Families can pack a lunch and can easily spend an entire day at the farm without the kids getting bored.

The Twincesses insist I buy the animal feed so they get to hand-feed the naughty goats, whilst I never get over the exhilaration of having the horses grab a carrot from my outstretched palm!

The girls flutter between the jungle gym and the pony rides, whilst I stay cool close to the ice cream stand.

They insist on having their faces painted, and aren’t afraid to touch the snakes or the wolves (much to my horror)!

Parents are welcome to host their kids’ birthday parties at the farm, which takes the guesswork out of entertainment planning.Whilst Flag Animal Farm provides the perfect day out for the whole family, the kids especially love it, and you have been warned: there WILL BE tears when its time to leave.

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