Review: Plan B Dessertery

So social media has been abuzz with Durban’s newest foodie sensation.

I mean, it was impossible to scroll through my IG feed without luscious pics of bubble waffles- oozing all bits of delicious toppings- filling my feed and making me salivate at my desk.

So a bit late to the bandwagon, I decided to check into Plan B Dessetery on Mackeurtan this weekend with only 1 goal: to see what all the fuss was about.

We went for a host of options: the famous bubble waffles, shakes, dessert tacos (yes that’s a thing) and of course the churros.

I can safely say the hype is worthwhile! The bubble waffles are made to order, served hot and regardless of your topping choice, they are frankly- delicious.

The dessert tacos were good, but it’s the churros that won the day. Rich, hot fingers of sweet dough, dusted in a cloud of cinnamon sugar… just calling to be dunked into a bowl of chocolate or caramel sauce. One word- heavenly!

So good we went back the next day!!!

Find them at 41 Mackeurtan Avenue.

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