Outdoorsy Girls

It’s been a bit of a long hiatus… but let me catch you up on what we’ve been up to these past few months.

The girls turned 2 (still can’t believe it!) and we threw a gorgeous Ballerina themed shindig for them.

But at just 2 years old I noticed, rather distressingly, how attached (and adept) they have become with technology… namely the iPad.

We reached a point a few months back where they were refusing to go outside and play… but preferred to stay plonked on the couch, tablet in hand, flipping from YouTube video to video. It was driving me nuts!!!

That’s when I decided we needed to overhaul our play space outside and make it more appealing to them. I wanted them to switch off and enjoy being outdoors… to have even a fraction of the awesome childhood I remembered having.

Now since we didn’t gave a big garden… we had to make some home improvements. Yes, the initial investment did cost a pretty penny… but you can’t really out a price on childhood play, can you?

First things first. We invested in a pool safety cover – no brainer!

Then we got a 10ft trampoline. I love that the trampoline provides a physical outdoor activity… hoping it makes them tired enough for a full nights sleep!

Next we got a beautiful custom designed playhouse installed. It’s rather large 3x3m – and will provide years of imaginative play for the Twincesses.

Charlie’s Playhouses made our dream playhouse and they were a pleasure to deal with! The house is fully customizable, right down to the colors. We went for a pink and grey and I do think it turned out spectacular!

The girls are having the time of their lives with their gorgeous new playhouse. And I’m having a ball decorating it!

I’ll take you through my decor ideas in the next post.

Today, we’re having a jungle gym set up next to the playhouse so the girls are really going to have no excuse to be indoors at all!!!


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