First Birthday Parties: Yay or Nay?

Many of the moms in my local baby club have refrained from throwing their babies a huge 1st birthday party.

For me, the thought of NOT celebrating a year of surviving with a newborn (let alone 2!) just wasn’t gonna fly.

What struck me, was that many of the moms who chose not to make a fanfare over a birthday party were not first-time moms.

Is it true? Do second or third babies get a raw deal?

Or is it that BTDT (been there, done that) moms are that much the wiser?

I can totally understand the reasoning.

– Birthday parties are ALOT of stress on the organizer (typically, mom).

– Your kid won’t remember if the balloons matched the tablecloth. They’ll see the pictures of a lovingly baked cake and will still get all the feelies.

– You can never please everyone, and there is bound to be that one annoying person that complains about something (too much sugar for the kids, the jumping castle isn’t supervised enough, etc, etc)

– Parties, even the simplest, cost a lot!

But then, I thought about the past year with the Twincesses… The ups and downs, the tears and triumphs, and I knew it was something I wanted to celebrate. For me, as much as for them.

So with the help of a sweet little company called Tricks and Treats we came up with an amazing candy buffet and picnic set up in a dazzling Ladybug theme to celebrate my 2 Love Bugs.

We celebrated with a picnic in the park (bless Durban’s magnificent weather), and the Twincesses were surrounded by people they love, as we laughed and sang and shared baskets of picnic goodies.

Admittedly, we did all get a slight sugar buzz by the time we left, but it was well worth it as the red velvet cake pops were to die for!

All in all, I’m so glad I celebrated their first birthday in style. The Twincesses received lovely gifts and time spent with friends and family was priceless.

I doubt I will go overboard for their next birthday. Hahaha! Yeah right!

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