ScruffALuv’s From Scruffy to Fluffy

The concept of ScruffALuv’s is something that resonates very deeply with me, and I’m sure many parents will agree.

The ScruffALuv’s arrive as a somewhat ugly ball of matted fur. They are abandoned and unloved. You can’t even tell what animal they are due to their scruffiness!!


All they need is a little bit of TLC and you’re guaranteed to find a FFF! (Furry Friend Forever!)

First up, they needed a bath. The girls lovingly washed their mystery ScruffALuv in a bowl of water, and there were squeals of delights as the mystery pet was slowly revealed. Would it be a puppy? A kitten? Or a llama?




Next up we got the hairdryer and started brushing out the matted fur whilst drying our pet. Slowly but surely, the lovable creature underneath was starting to emerge. There’s also a brush and hair clip so the grooming process is extra fun.B3E8D512-F467-4DFE-82B2-7E9040D74E3C


Every Scruff-A-Luv comes with their own cute coloured collar and matching tag so you can name them. An adoption certificate seals the deal, and your ScruffALuv then becomes your furever friend.

The new range of ScruffALuvs include mystery pets with pink ombré fur, multi-colored candy floss fur and the limited edition ScruffALuv’s Snow Pals which is my personal favorite because can rescue a Polar Bear, Penguin or a Walrus!


And if that wasn’t enough cuteness, the ScruffALuv’s Babies have just launched which will appeal to those that love collectibles.


The ScruffALuv’s Babies are true to the original concept, but these are baby balls of fur that are in desperate need of rescue. They arrive in a durable plastic pet carrier and there are 21 to collect, including and ultra rare lion.


We love this toy, and this concept: taking something that appears “ugly” and unwanted, and showing it some love to reveal something beautiful underneath. For me, that goes so much deeper than just a toy. That’s a life lesson. Whether you come at it from a point of rescuing an animal or just on a much larger scale of finding beauty in the everyday things.

It’s a lesson I enjoyed imparting to my girls… who now agree that they they will never shop for a pet, but rather rescue. And if a toy can help deliver a lesson as important as that, then that toy is a winner in my book!

The full range of ScruffALuv’s can be purchased from The Kidzone, Takealot, Toy Kingdom & Toyzone.


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